Lift Station Maintenance Serving Punta Gorda, FL

Lift Station Repair/Maintenance:

What is a lift station/dosing tank:  It is a single compartment tank with a pump inside to pump effluent (sewage) to a drainfield or another tank.  The more common use of a lift station is to assist when you cannot achieve a gravity flow system to a specific elevation.  Inside a lift station, there are float switches; one to determine correct dosing to the drainfield.  The second is a high water alarm float which will signal the audio/visual alarm panel should the water level rise above normal operating levels.

Martin Septic Service utilizes Liberty pumps made in the USA that come with a 3-year pump warranty.  We utilize the Liberty pump for two reasons…one they are made in America and two the manufacturer warranty. 

There are times when a drainfield replacement will require the use of a lift station to achieve State Rule that dictates the drainfield must have a 12” vertical separation from the Estimated Seasonal High-Water Table for repairs/replacement 24” for any new construction home.


Diagram for lift station maintenance in Punta Gorda, FL


Martin Septic offers routine maintenance/inspections of lift stations.  As with any mechanical device, over time there are needed repairs and/or replacement.

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