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Martin Septic Service, Inc., a septic installation and repair company in North Port, Florida, is a full-service, on-site wastewater disposal company, serving residential and commercial septic systems.

In business since 1986, our family owned and operated company is committed to "Protecting Our Groundwater...One Septic System at a Time". We pledge to be a leader in Florida by introducing the latest in septic system technology, investing in the newest equipment & software, educating our employees, and providing services to help protect our groundwater. Our company employs highly trained personnel in the field of on-site systems; whom are continuously educated on the different types of systems, as well as, all code requirements and changes in the industry.

As employees and owners of our business we are motivated to meeting the needs of our customers. Our goal is to educate the public regarding proper use and maintenance of their residential/commercial septic systems.

Martin Septic Service, Inc. has been an active member of the Charlotte-DeSoto Building Industry Association (C.D.B.I.A.) since, 2002; as well as, the Florida Onsite Wastewater Association (F.O.W.A.) since 1986, where Martin Guffey, President, serves as a Board Member from 2009-present. Mr. Guffey is also currently involved with TRAP (Technical Review and Advisory Panel) Committee that assists in writing legislation and rules governing the onsite industry. In addition, our company is a proud sponsor and supporter of the Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity, Future Builders of America and Boys/Girls Club of America. Martin Septic also provides scholarships for local students.

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